Choose your real estate agent who have these traits

July 24, 2017

Choose your real estate agent who have these traits

For people looking to get a good price for their property for sale or looking to buy house in malaysia, hiring a real estate agent may be quite useful. Even though there are a large number of agents, who advertise their services, still not all of them are able to provide the best that you deserve. A professional real estate agent can improve your prospects of getting massive profits in the market by guiding you towards good deals, by keeping their eyes and ears open for any information. The experience that they have, due to their long years of work in this line, will help you to make correct decisions. Therefore, when you are looking for an agent, ensure that he has the following qualities which will be most useful for you.
Choose your real estate agent who have these traits
Choose your real estate agent who have these traits

Choose your real estate agent who have these traits

He/She Should Be Licensed
This should one of the most important requirements in your checklist. Having a license will guarantee you that he has undergone training required on house-selling or buying and that he actually has the permit to practice his profession legally.Performing a real estate transaction is one of the biggest financial decision a person can make and surely, you would not want to gamble your time and money with someone who is not qualified to do it in the first place.
An Excellent communicator
Remember that communication is critical in any business deal. Hence, he must have a great personality and communication skills so he can encourage a positive response from the people he interacts with be it giving updates, returning calls, or negotiating for a better price.
Well-informed And Knowledgeable 
The real estate market is very dynamic, which means that it is constantly changing and new laws, regulations, and practices are coming into play every day. This requires your agent to have expertise in the market so that he can keep up with all latest trends, technologies, and vocabulary in usage these days. He must be able to read market trends and come up with future predictions so that you can make a good decision regarding your purchase. 
Efficient and Available
A good real estate agent is also very accessible and always available for his client.He is always available to solve any problems or questions that you may have regarding the real estate sector. There is nothing worse than a real estate agent who is very inaccessible. Any good real estate agent should always be there for his customers, just so he can make sure the client gets the best results for the whole real estate experience.Also, it will be most beneficial if you hire a person who can work full-time for you. This is because he will be able to spend most of his available time looking for properties for you, which will help you to get options sooner. 
Experienced In The Real Estate Sector
Any good real estate agent should not only have experience but also he needs to be educated. This will help to ensure that he/she can handle your case without any problems, providing with high-quality services. Do you want your account to be handled by someone who has a college degree and has extensive experience in the entire real estate sector or do you want a high school dropout who has little or no sales yet? You need a real estate agent to manage the entire process, so he needs to be highly skilled and trained in order to ensure that your interests are not overlooked. 
Honest, Trustworthy and Customer Centered
He or she will put your interests ahead of his or her interest at all times. He understands the needs of his or her client, thoroughly researches available inventory and shares all relevant information with the buyer so that he or she can make an informed decision.She or He will disclose all pertinent facts regarding the property and the transaction to both buyer and seller. If an agent believes the information provided by a seller is questionable, the agent is obligated to investigate. Real estate agents should recommend that buyers consult their own experts, such as home inspectors, to address concerns.For example, if a home seller asks his or her real estate agent to conceal the fact that the roof leaks, the agent should not comply. If the seller insists, the agent should end the business relationship with that seller.
Property Owner
Try and find an agent who himself is a property owner. Since he has already bought his own house, he will be better able to understand your needs and requirements. As he will have experience in purchasing a property, he will be able to bring much more to the table than someone who does not own a property. A property owner will be able to help you more than a non-property owner. 
Have Good Connections
An agent is only as good as the connections he has. Yes, the connections that an agent has are very important for his work. These connections will provide him with valuable information at the correct time, which can be then used by you to make profitable purchases. The quicker the information comes to you, the better it is for you, as you can beat the competition. Agents should also be resourceful so that they can use any lead for their and your benefit.
Finding and choosing the proper real estate agent requires you to perform some investigation as well as background checking just before making your final decision. By means of the Internet, you may get detailed information about which agents to make contact with and interview. Additional alternatives that you may use include the neighborhood property publications. Attending open house forums is, in addition, a good plan whenever searching for the correct agent.
Personal recommendations from business colleagues, neighbors, buddies, and also family is also one additional alternative. Ask the agent if perhaps they mind you speaking with virtually any of their previous customers. When their past clients were happy with their work, they won't have a problem with allowing you to speak to them. A few agents could ask to check along with their customers initially, for privacy reasons, to make sure that they're comfortable with giving out their name as well as contact information. 
Also, try to meet personally along with any kind of agent you are looking at. Find out if they have been offered any awards, and what they had been involved in achieving the award.


  1. Being a good communicator should always be number one. Btul x? Kita pun jadi happy dan senang percaya dgn deal yg ditetapkan. Kalau property owner sendiri lagi bagus. Harga pun boleh runding.

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  2. Great info. Nak cr ejen hartanah kena cr yg betul2 qualified. Baru terjamin.

  3. Tak pernah beli dr real estate agent (REN) lg. Tp ramai kenalan dr REN ni ;)


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